Five Reasons Why Small Business Should Hire a Freelancer?

Five Reasons Why Small Business Should Hire a Freelancer?

By Provider-1
September 16,2022

What are the five reasons why small businesses should hire a freelancer? As an employer, you might have different reasons for taking the strategy of hiring freelancers for your small business. These five reasons are essential and prominent:


  • You have access to a specialist temporarily

  • For a small business, it is more affordable

  • You are using the North American market

  • Freelancers are focused employees

  • More opportunities may come to view


The advantages of working with freelancers mentioned above have significant results for your business. We will discuss each advantage explicitly in this content. In addition to that, we will examine the possibility of this strategy, where necessary.  


REASON ONE: Short-Term Access to Specialists

Freelancers work with you on a particular project. Employers of small businesses can hire freelancers for a position based on their skills, experience, and interest in a specific field. This criterion has two main advantages for you.

First, you have a person with an adequate amount of profession for your project. In addition to that, they work with high quality since freelancers usually accept a project offer when they are truly interested in that. Those with creative ideas can boost business in a relatively short amount of time. Professional content producers, for example, would help you advertise your services in the most recent and common methods.

The second advantage of hiring freelancers per project is that you will have a temporary business relationship with them. However, you may test the potential of working with them in the long-term. In other words, you hire a freelancer temporarily for a project, and then both parties will explore how the business relationship benefits the two. Then, you may decide to use your freelancer’s assistance for the following projects, and you can hire them permanently. It is a win-win opportunity for both sides of the contract. 

FaceUnique provides the opportunity of hiring freelancers on its Service Marketplace platform. If your small business is seeking to hire a freelancer, you only need to select a category in our platform and meet professional freelancer, in a few clicks.


REASON TWO: Reasonable Price for a Start

It takes time for a business to flourish in the market. Until that happens, the owner of the business must manage business-related finances at affordable prices.

Without any exaggeration, hiring employees determines the destiny of your business in a short time. Freelancers are wise options when you are at the threshold of your market. They play a significant role in the success of a project and provide professional expertise in your business at an affordable cost.

If you are looking for temporary services, then you don’t have to take the risks of permanent employment. That is, you are not required to pay for salary side costs, like insurance and equipment. You can agree on the methods of payment and the amount of wage with the freelancer you hire. In addition to that, with freelancers, you can pay money after the project is fully or half done, based on your initial agreement.

With FaceUnique, you can make sure your fund is secured with us. We won’t release the payment until the time you declare satisfaction with the received services.


REASON THREE: Access to the North American Market of Human Resources

Freelancers work all through the USA and Canada, including your fatherland and other states. There are professional freelancers in both the United States and Canada who are more familiar with the trends and the ups and downs of the market in their states. The other side of the coin, however, is that hiring freelancers from different states of the USA and Canada would be beneficial for both parties.

On the one hand, when you hire freelancers from different states in the USA or Canada, you have the opportunity to outsource for your projects which are not located in your neighborhood.  On the other hand, small businesses can use the knowledge, experience, and ingenuity of human resources in different states of the USA and Canada.

Putting personal benefits aside, hiring freelancers would be helpful for their societies, for they will learn a lot when they share knowledge and experience between both countries. Therefore, using the USA and North American market of human resources not only will benefit our businesses, but also will be a response to our social responsibility as moneymakers.

FaceUnique is proud to gather freelancers from different parts of the USA and Canada to better support your local market needs. Therefore, you can meet American and Canadian freelancers in our Service Marketplace.


REASON FOUR: More Focused Employees

Freelancers can manage to do their job in different situations. Usually, they work at home and save the time that others usually spend on daily commuting and traffic issues. Therefore, they are more concentrated and attentive when working, for they do not have to spend their energy on public transportation or driving.

People are different in the hours that they are energetic and concentrated the most. Some people are day people while others are night people. When someone freelances for a living, they can manage to choose their working hours when they function best.

Apart from those freelancers who work from home, there are certain places in different cities where only freelancers work. They have access to high-speed internet, and the place provides a quiet atmosphere for people busy with the same occupation.

FaceUnique also provides contacts for you to hire a freelancer for projects in which you need an expert in place. For example, if your computer is broken and you need someone at your place, then FaceUnique Service Marketplace offers Unique solutions for you.


REASON FIVE: More Opportunities for Your Business

The opportunities that hiring freelancers provide for your business are twofold. If you choose to work with freelancers, you will have access to the North American marketplace, in longer terms, when you decided to expand your business to different states of THE USA or Canada. Local freelancers in The USA or Canada know their market status and can help you with your future expansion plans. In addition to that, the North American freelancers help you become more culturally aware and provide better the underlying arrangements for later cooperation in those areas.

Interestingly, the COVID-19 pandemic opened our eyes to the essential role of technology in everyday life, business included. During the quarantine, freelancers knew exactly how to manage their careers. The outbreak showed how important it is to be able to work remotely and how we should come up with new ways to boost business. In other words, we need to be capable of managing the business in the time of crisis. When we are restricted to physical isolation because we should take care of ourselves, we need to be involved in the market.

FaceUnique American and Canadian freelancers also can help you when you are planning to expand your business into the North American area. You can find freelancers from the US and Canada in a wide range of categories in our Service Marketplace.


What are the possible drawbacks of hiring freelancers?

Each decision we make in business has its possible drawbacks and risks. However, we can manage some of them to ensure progress and avoid possible harm. Hiring freelancers, as well, has certain risks that we should take into account.

If you decide to hire a freelancer from North America, the freelancers available in your local area may lose the opportunity. In addition to that, culture influences people's behaviors and decisions. One of the major differences between cultures is the way they perceive the importance of time. Therefore, you need to have patience so that you can work with different cultures. To avoid such a problem, you can discuss all terms, including timing and punctuality, which are important to you.

Getting to know employees takes time, let alone freelancers who work from distance for you. Therefore, both parties should do their best in communication, which is very essential in business relationships.

On FaceUnique Service Marketplace, you can avoid facing such drawbacks as we provide the opportunity for you to access other employers’ comments and reviews, who have already worked with each freelancer.   



Hiring freelancers is one of the critical decisions for employers. There are several reasons for small businesses to consider freelancers seriously. Freelancers work for you per project. Since it is a short-term business relationship, you can get enough experience, and you can contemplate future possibilities for your business in the North American market. The affordable payment also makes the first stages of the business pass less hard. However, there are certain cons, which are possible to manage. FaceUnique will help you find the freelancer that suits your project and decreases the possible aforementioned risks.