How Content Marketing Helps Freelancers?

How Content Marketing Helps Freelancers?

By Provider-1
September 16,2022

What are the goals Content Marketing can achieve? A comprehensive content marketing plan can achieve the following goals: 


  • Increase sales

  • Attract new customers

  • Build trust and rapport with your audience 

  • Attract business partners 

  • Deepen loyalty and increase trust with existing customers

  • Get new ideas

  • Customer knowledge


Content marketing is not just to help and expand new, small businesses. It’s a lot more than that. It can help you with many problems you might have in your work. In this blog, you will find 7 main areas in which that content marketing can help freelancers and service providers.


What is Content marketing?

Content marketing is a kind of marketing that focuses on creating and giving valuable, resourceful content to gain a new audience while keeping the old ones. In content marketing, gaining a new audience is done by giving out valid content or information. In fact, in content marketing, the main attention is on keeping the audience posted with valuable, resourceful, first handed information”.

Now, if you have questions about Content Marketing or you are having a hard time understanding the concept of Content Marketing, you can check our content about the definition of content marketing in detail. What is Content Marketing? 

Here will look into the areas, where content marketing fills gaps for freelancers and service providers, as below:


Increase sales

As people who do business, we all want to increase our brand’s sales and we can’t do that without content marketing and using valuable content! By providing and sharing useful and valuable content for the customers using different types of content such as videos, etc. you can build trust and fame amongst people and turn them into customers interested in your brand or product. This will help expand your business and as a result of that, your sales record will raise and hit the top of your charts!

The time of old, traditional advertising is over! People don’t care about some ads anymore. They care about content and new information. Content is knowledge and knowledge is power. Therefore, we are all looking for good content to make our lives better. To learn about the goals that you can achieve by producing good quality content, please refer to What are the goals content marketing can achieve?


Attract new customers: 

There are 3 main steps to attract new customers using content marketing:

  1. You have to relate your content to your product or the service that your brand offers. That way, when a person finds your content, they will be automatically led to your services and become your new audience.
  2. We’ve all heard this famous sentence: “Content is king.” You must keep your content up to date. You have to constantly post new content every day and keep your audience satisfied with valuable information that eventually will lead and point to your products and services. People will see your brand visual aids, such as the logo and message of the brand, more often and will relate to your product and services more than before.  Content and visual aids help the customers build a stronger emotional bond with you.
  3. Patience! Patience is the key to everything. Gaining new customers isn’t going to happen overnight. You have to keep doing both steps mentioned above regularly but if they don’t pay off, don’t worry at all. They eventually will. It’s just a matter of time. So don’t give up soon and stay patient!


Build trust and rapport with your audience: 

While gaining new customers and audience, it’s essential to build a relationship based on trust with them. In that way, they will feel more comfortable. Trusting you is how they turn from the normal audience into your regular, loyal customers. A very effective way to do so is to try Conversational Marketing. Conversational marketing is a method of communication with the audience that helps you get close to them. In this method, you have to create a safe space in which the audience can feel free to ask every question they might have about your content. When a curious customer asks you a question or wants more information about your product, you will know that they are interested in your content or product and this will give you the chance to build a strong, trustful relationship with them. 

Conversational Marketing is not something strange! You can combine your content marketing with a conversational marketing strategy to get better results. On FaceUnique, freelancers and service providers have the opportunity to write content, as guest posting. Your pieces of content will get more views when comments from your potential customers. To build a trust relationship with your audience, it is better to write friendly answers and provide more explanation for anyone who is asking for advice from you.


Attract business partners: 

Business partners are so important to a business. They help keep the business alive and going. Business partners can help you by giving new ideas about expanding the business or even collaborating with them on bigger projects.

How can similar businessmen find each other? The answer is simple: With content marketing! When you post content about your product or brand, you’re giving out invitations to new business partners! When they find your content and realize that you share the same interest, they will want to contact you and join the business. That way, they already know a lot about you and your business and it will make it so much easier for them to trust you and want to join you!

Sometimes, different talents are required to complete a project. On FaceUnique, freelancers of any category and even normal visitors can access your guest postings and profiles. That way, you can attract a lot of business partners to join and collaborate, on multi-task projects.


Deepen loyalty and increase trust with existing customers:

Using content marketing, you can earn new customers, turn the audience into valuable buyers, and keep your old customers satisfied at the same time! As mentioned earlier, by posting valid content once in a while, you’ll keep your customers fed with new information about different matters and issues. They will be assured that you can support them at all times. Therefore, they won’t give up on you and will remain satisfied!


Get new ideas:

We all need new ideas to improve. This is a simple fact. In business, we are in desperate need of new ideas and ways to improve and expand our business. Who better than our customers to give us new ideas? They are familiar with our work and they have used our product and services before. They know best! So let them communicate with you. Run polls and ask their opinion. They will have some valuable ideas for you! Be open to criticism and comments for improvement in your business.  Such comments and ideas help you to discover your weaknesses and work on them to get better results, in future projects.

FaceUnique allows employers to provide comments on freelancer’s profile page, regarding the services they have received. These comments are available to other potential customers to let them know about the quality of your service/product in the real world.


Customer knowledge:

This might not be one of the popular reasons why people use content marketing but it’s one of the great benefits of content marketing. When a certain person wants to buy a product, they tend to start gathering information about it. By providing the necessary information regarding how your talents and qualifications can benefit them, you can provide them with the required knowledge about why they need to hire you. How-to pieces of content have become so popular, these days. Those pieces of content clarify different aspects of the project, therefore, you don’t have to answer unrelated questions or too many unnecessary questions about the product or service you provide. Customer education will eventually help both the customer and the producer. It will save them both loads of time and gains their trust at the same time which will result in turning them into regular, loyal customers.



Content marketing can be used to improve many businesses in many ways and solve issues of any sort. Mentioned above there are three main areas, in which content marketing will help freelancers and service providers flourish their business. Increasing sales, attracting new customers, build trust and rapport with the audience, attract business partners, building loyalty and trust, gaining new idea, and raising customer knowledge are the areas in which content marketing help you the most. But don’t limit yourself to the goals mentioned above. Don’t forget, content marketing is a versatile tool. You can use it to achieve goals no one has ever thought of!